Archiphonic (2006)

Information being as dry as a desert, waves of data with an invariable core even though media keeps on transforming…
A work for a concert made in following process. First composed several pieces of music using the audio data, which were originally converted by a computer program from various kinds of videos taken with digital video camera, and then converted them again into videos, put them together with another taken videos. Even though these data go through construction and destruction, the data are presented still untouchable for us, nothing but “media”.
Based on the collaboration with Waseda University students in 2006.

Archiphonic (short version)(DEC 16, 2006)

music・video・concept :Masahiro Hiramoto
CG programming :Koki Ibukuro
premiere :IC2006 German Culture Center in Kyoto

Archiphonic (full version)(DEC 17, 2006)

music・video・concept :Masahiro Hiramoto
CG programming :Koki Ibukuro
Contrabass :Yuki Hiraoka
premiere :Tokyo University of the Arts

Copyright @2008 masahiro hiramoto All rights reserved